FTW From The Start..

FTW. It's not just clothing, its a way of life. We are affiliated with Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA).  Through apparel, parties and regular fund raising events, we raise money and awareness for SPA. And we send our war cry to the government asking why more is not being done about suicide, Australia's biggest killer for people under 44. We represent the underdogs in the trenches, the battlers in the dark places. A core surfing and action-sports movement, for those willing to climb up from the downs, dust off, have a laugh and go big again.

As a kid FTW co-founder Matt Dee would hear his struggling single mum scream a cry of frustration at life's hardships and injustices. The three letters, FTW, became a family mantra and through the years continued to resonate as his private motivational tool.

To Matt, FTW was never used as an aggressive challenge or a mal-contented rage against humanity. FTW is a psychological weapon that's enabled him to claw himself out of the heaviest situations and deal with the tragic loss of his brother and sister to suicide. FTW is the means by which he can re-aim for life's highs.

FTW is about family and standing up for your fellow soldier. It's about doing whatever makes you happy and charging full-steam at it.

The black sheep of life and sport proudly represent FTW. Big wave chargers, big air chasers, FMX, skaters, bull-riders, a blind skier, underground ping-pong champs and your general maniacs and misfits. Podium finishers or not, they're the fiercest and most fearless.


When the final curtain's coming down will you wish you'd spent more time on the couch or the hamster wheel? Na! You wanna go out knowing you laughed, traveled, played hard and did your bit for mankind.

So, EVERYONE, it's time… Burn ya house down and eat ya credit cards, FTW is in full effect!

Jonathon Dee



Matt Dee Surf