FTW Response to Federal Government Budget

FTW response to Federal Govt. Budget

 If you are old enough to remember when Midnight Oil were an activist protest band then the lyric – “the rich get richer, the poor get the picture” is the way yesterday’s Federal government will impact on Australian society.

The gap between rich and poor will grow and any notion of the “fair society”/”advance Australia fair” is gone!  Recently Australian banks recorded record - $7.4 BILLION profit for six months trading.  This budget will enable them to keep going hard and fast!

People on disability pension will have their pension reduced while their costs will go up.  Costs more to visit the Doctor – imagine how that will feel if you have a temporary or permanent metal illness.  They will also have to face a government appointed person to verify their disability!  Big Brother is watching just in case you are unlucky enough to fake have say schizophrenia – WHAT!  Those lucky enough to have family support and run a car – well yes they will pay more for petrol.  BUT all food and life essentials transported by road will also increase to cover the cost of the increased TAX!  (not new Tony - but increased!)

Staggeringly the Treasurer told States that the Federal Government does not fund education and health.  That is the States must find the money (that is a TAX) to cover those costs.  (yes Tony not a new tax – but shifting the tax to the states)  The States gave up state based taxes so that the Federal Government could implement the GST.  Now having foregone those taxes, they now have to find a new tax base to fund education and health.  As hospital systems face increased patients caused by putting costs on visiting a GP!  Hurts my head!!

Increased unemployment which will result from this budget will impact those with disabilities.  We know that they are the “last on” when jobs are available.  Now there will be lots of unemployed people applying for the shrining number of new jobs.  The Budget does nothing for new job creating – just fingers crossed and a very old fashioned economic belief – the wealth trickles down.  Ask Ms Gina Rhienhart’s children about that one  Ha Ha Ha.  States have already delivered draconian budgets, cutting skills based education – just what young people with disabilities really need to increase their chances of employment.  Yeah…. The poor get the picture……

For older persons a company will get $5,000 to employ a person over 50 years of age for two years.  Great.  But at the same time the government is cutting funding to apprentices – who are at the forefront of skills acquisition and future leadership and new jobs growth.  Hard to figure that contradiction. 

The list goes on and on.  My head hurts more.  This is a budget based on right wing idealogy not economics.  Look at who is carrying the cost to “fix the budget”  Not the top end of town.  It is certainly the beginning of the end for Australia as the country of the “Fair Go”.  Make sure you don’t accidently find yourself with a debilitating mental health problem Joe Hockey!  But then your superior work provided sick leave, will kick in to ensure you don’t go down the tubes with those less fortunate than you – you b*****d – Well FTW!!