If I was to describe 2014 I would think of him/her as a confused heartless coward! Thats just me though because I know she has been very good to many people and i respect that. But to so many she has been evil and unforgiving. To so many she has allowed herself to be corrupted by our evil world leaders and poisoned by the superficial, oblivious and nieve population who's awakening to our worlds downward spiral is happening extremely slow. 2014 allowed way to much war, famine and neglect of the majority of our less fortunate world population so this is why I'm calling 2014(him/her) out. You were a fucking conformist, chaos hungry hooker fuckwit! I truly hope 2015 (him or her) takes pretty much fuck all advice from you for the survival of mankind.

Dear 2015, please may you help us wake up and make this the year to start the massive task of turning everything around. No more war please! We all know for the cost of all these apparently necessary wars we could feed and provide homes and shelter to everyone on the globe. Is this not blatantly obvious to everyone? Doesn't peace and love feel better than the ruthless behaviour that 2014 allowed? Can't we band together as a giant family and say na mate, this ain't how shit is going down this year. 2014 was ruthless and 2015 must not follow in her footsteps. Allow us as a species to over power the C&#NtS that hold the power and are proving to be the most evil. Peacefully there has to be a way to educate the masses and demand change and expose the dogs that are allowing all the atrocities to go down.

So FUK you 2014 and my deepest hopes and prayers go out to you 2015 in you quest for global awakening. Please everyone never forget that WE ALL BLEED RED and the survival of humanity is in unity and and the nurturing of our miraculous planet that we have been given by who ever the baller is thats running this twisted universe. The weights on your shoulders 2015 so don't let us down please.

So from FTDub family to you, happy new year, good luck and MUCH LUV! ps, Please share this, spread the luv