Bondi Boardriders Bus For Sale

With the start of the series Bondi vs. The World taking place this weekend with Maroubra being there first port of call Matt Dee and co. thought it would be a great idea to start Bondi off without their most prized possession... their bus!

Bondi Boardriders treasures their bus more that anything in the world, making it event more attracting to play a prank on them and steal it.

When night fell on Friday 28th August, Matt Dee had arranged to go and see the bus driver, Spanos (who was in on the prank) and then sprung the attack with reinforcements. 

They tied him to a lamp post and sent a ransom note to Bondi Boardriders wanting beers and lollies for the kids of course..

Really good disguises guys...

Really good disguises guys...

Once the ransom was paid the bus was returned.



*no one or vehicle was harmed in the making of this prank.