Massive thanks from your FTW family


This post goes out to the authentic people who pledged and also those people who helped spread the word on our fund campaign we can't express how grateful we are and more so how appreciative we are of the recognition we are flooded with regarding our unique break through approach to saving lives on a giant scale. However, we do apologise about the postal delays. We will have all products sent very soon, your patience is also greatly appreciated. 

So the answer is YES, we are full steam ahead regardless of not hitting our target. The key functions of the App we couldn't afford before our fund campaign will still be delivered in full ALL ONLINE PURCHASES GO STRAIGHT TO THE PROJECT so get on board, buy something online and represent with pride. I DESPERATELY hope that all of you who helped us realise that you are the change! We don't want to wait for government hand outs or cry awareness everyday, we just want an effective life saving toolkit on every handset on earth. Thats all we ask for haha?? 

The App is ready thanks to Boost mobiles team of wizards, the App is designed to help any human in any corner of this planet. And the App will be released free of charge worldwide as soon as our current testing is glitch free. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, UNITED WE ARE THE CHANGE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OUR FAMILY UNIFORM, OUR 3 LETTERS, WILL SAVE LIVES!

FTDub Till casket drop, Luv yas all

FTW help App, ForTheWorld

FTW help App, ForTheWorld