Exclusive App Sneak Peak!

Dear Loyal FTW Family
A present for our team of fellow activists. We just wanted our closest inner family circle to get first access to our game changing, life saving App.

This has been a long road for us here at FTW, it started as an idea and grew to something we can finally hold in our hands. We've only just begun...

Android Users...
We have the app in play store for Beta testing, head to the link below and download and install,


Things to note, we are still in build stage and refinements are ongoing. As part of our inner circle, we may send you another email soon

requesting you re-download the app. This will be because we have made UI updates, fixing glitches and adding / streamlining functions. Most updates will happen over the air though.

Apple Users...
For apple users we have created a web app variant. This is for use whilst we finalise development of the App Store based version of the app, so bare with us,

with the WebApp, all you have to do is click the link below, It will open the app in your browser where you should set a shortcut to your home screen. By setting the shortcut
the app will then remove the navigation bars in your browser and work in full screen mode, very much akin to the Native app in build.

Things to note, We are still in build stage and refinements are ongoing. When the app store variant is ready for Beta, we will send you guys another email with a link to download.

As per the Android variant of the app, refinements are ongoing, UI updates, fixing glitches and adding / streamlining functions are all happening behind the scenes.


Also team as mentioned above, remember this is still a masterpiece in the making so minor things like swipe sensitivity may be a tad touchy and you will notice

all the content is not loaded but its still the best app on earth so enjoy! On that note you may be able to help us by suggesting or emailing us links to content that
ou find interesting or necessary information for in the relevant section of the app.