Our in your face, dark approach to opening the discussion of mental health is ironic in the way a dark issue is addressed by a dark movement. But the truth is, it seems to be a very successful way to infiltrate the subcultures.

We are not a first response social service but we do have lived experience and are able to offer help and assistance in gaining the correct support that suits you.

There are loads of different ways of getting help, not all suits everyone.

-Face to Face counselling 

-Phone Call to a Helpline

-Email counselling is offered on some of the services.

-Some websites have forums so people in need can reach out to others whether to get help or advice or to simply just realise they are not alone.

-Meetings, in some communities there are meetings that go on for people to help others through difficult times and you are able to talk to others in similar situations.

All these options are not forced upon you and are managed by you, at your own speed and when you are ready.