FTW for me, was finally a movement that straight up takes the bullshit out of suicide and mental health. After numerous happenings within my family and friends, i needed a better understanding. Ftw gave me that knowledge, and that comfort of knowing there were so many people out there going through the same similar shit. 

Im an ambassador for FTW for one main reason. THEY CARE and THEY ACHIEVE RESULTS. 

Founder Matt Dee is the most committed person to suicide prevention id ever met and i only wish the world had more people like himself. He devotes his whole life to the cause and now things are moving forward in leaps and bounds.

Everyone out there is touched by suicide in some way. Whether it be family, friends, friends of friends or even your own mind battling through the shit, we all at sometime have encountered it to some extent. But slowly we are changing the game. 

FTW pushes for barriers to be broken. People need to know that talking about their issues is the first step to overcoming them. Join the ftw revolution and wear the letters with pride. Do this for all fallen soldiers and for the ones battling in the ditches.