Grew up surfing and playing footy and punk rock. Not a massive fan of study or school, and with his dyslexia Stace struggled with the three R's.

So Stace went straight to TV after school to persue his dream to become and video producer. After working in TV and media for years, he realised there was no self-satisfaction, and needed more in life.

Stace met FTW's fearless leader Matt Dee through a mutual friend which kicked off some good times and mate ship. Stace performed one of JD's (Matt's brother) punk songs which formed the FTW and El Batcho friendship.

Years on Stace, inspired by the awesome work FTW, decided to become a barber for the homeless and the youth doing it tough in Sydney. He then formed Batcho.

El Batcho the charity and business. At 33 it was time to give a bit back, move on from just the corporate life and earn more than money, give more love and be a better person.